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  • Test # 3035 & # 19936 --
    Both of these lines begin with:
  • George Bruce was born in 1650 in Scotland and died about 1715 in Richmond Co., VA. He married Miss Hensfield
    • His third son, Charles Bruce, was born in Rappahannock Co., VA in 1680. He married Elisabeth Pannill.
      • Their eldest son, William Bruce, was born in Brunswick Parish, King George Co., VA in 1724. He married Elisabeth Grant.
        • Their third son, Robert Cary Bruce, was born in Brunswick Parish, King George Co., VA in 1759. He married Roberta Cary.
        • Their eldest son, William H. Bruce, was born in Bowling Green, Caroline Co, VA on 11 February 1796. He married, first, Maria Sale Campbell.
        • Test # B03035 descends from:
          • Their third son, William Sale Bruce, was born in Bowling Green, Caroline Co., VA on 2 January 1825. He married Mary Hampton Andrews.
            • Their second son, Robert Sample Bruce, was born in Bowling Green, Caroline Co., VA on 20 July 1849. He married Mary Wilhemenia Elliott.
              • Their eldest son, David Larry Bruce, was born in Bowling Green, Caroline Co., VA on 22 June 1890.
        • Test # 19936 descends from:
          • William H. Bruce married, second, Harriet B. Gravatt who was born 4 Nov 1799 and died 9 Sep 1886.
            • Their son, Charles Gravatt Bruce, was born 9 Sep 1828 in Caroline Co., VA and died 7 Jan 1901 at Marshfield, Webster Co., MO. He married Lucy Ann Hogan 17 Apr 1879. She was born 29 Jun 1840 in Boone Co., KY and died 3 Sep 1886 at Marshfield, Webster Co., MO.
              • Their son, James Edwin Bruce, was born 1 Apr 1866 in KY and died 30 Dec 1928. He married Lula Mordecie Riley on 25 Nov 1906. She was born 1 Oct 1881 in Bowie Co., TX and died 26 Jan 1962 at Hutchinson, Reno Co., KS.
  • Test # 86558 --
    • Charles Bruce was born February 1, 1732 (Alt. date 1740/42) in Westmoreland, VA . He married Elizabeth (Betsy) Benton October 27, 1768. He died January 21, 1832 in Guilford, Co., North Carolina. Charles and Betsy had 13 children.
      • Their sixth son, Felix Milton Bruce, was born October 1, 1794 in Guilford, NC. He married Milly Tatum February 25, 1820 in Stokes, Co., NC. I have no date of death for Felix, but know that he was still alive and living with his son in Arkansas at the time of the 1860 census. Felix and Milly had 5 daughters and a son.
        • Their son, Charles Edward Bruce, was born February 28, 1836 in Carroll Co., TN and died in Hempstead Co., AR on June 16, 1914.. He married, first, Louisa M. Richardson October 1, 1857, second, Rachael A. Hegland in 1874 and, third, Martha A. Laenzy March 10, 1894. Charles 5 daughters and a son by his first wife and one son, Jewel J. Bruce, with his second wife.
          • The son, Henry Milton Bruce, was born January 13, 1865 in Hempstead Co., AR and died September 16, 1939 in San Jose, California. He married Molly Leana McGraw on March 23, 1887 in Hempstead Co., AR. They had 10 daughters and one son.
            • The son, Charles Vernon Bruce, was born August 10, 1891 in AR and died January 26, 1967 in Campbell, CA. He married Mary Hazel Guizo in 1917.
  • Test # 25018 --
  • Jeremiah Bruce was born about 1804 in South Carolina. He married, first, Gilly Gunn 22 Mar 1828 in Dickson Co., TN. She was born 30 Sep 1810 in Dickson Co., TN and died 29 Sep 1854. He married, second, Elizabeth Abbot 30 Oct 1856 in Morgan Co., IL.
    • Their son, Charles Bruce, was born 11 Feb 1839 in Morgan Co., IL and died 29 Mar 1890 in Laddonia, Audrain Co., MO. He married Nancy M. Garrett 21 Oct 1860 in DeWitt Co, IL. She was born 13 Apr 1842 in Montgomery, Gibson Co., IN and died 14 Feb 1888.
      • Their son, Wayne Bruce, was born 15 Aug 1861 in IL and died between Nov 1887 and 7 Jun 1900. He married Alice Sparrow 12 Nov 1885 in Ralls Co., MO.
        • Their son, Everett C. Bruce was born 19 Nov 1887 in Marion Co., MO and died 25 Oct 1911 at South River, Marion Co., MO. He married Cora Irene Davis in 1905. She was born 13 Dec 1889 in MO and died 21 Jan 1959 in Hannibal, Marion Co., MO.
  • Test # 30459--
  • George Bruce was born between 1640/50 in Scotland and died on 1715/16 in Richmond Co., VA. He married Miss Hensfield.
    • Their son, George Bruce, was born in 1670 in VA and died on 29 Jun 1742 in Westmoreland Co., VA. He married Margery Walker.
      • Their son, Charles Bruce, was born in Westmoreland Co., VA and died on 21 Jan 1832 at Summerfield, Guilford Co., NC. He married Elizabeth Benton who was bron in Orange Co., NC and died in 1799 at Summerfield, Guilford Co., NC.
        • Their son, Abner Benton Bruce, was born on 1 Jun 1741 at Summerfiled and died on 27 Mar 1835 at Hillsboro, Orange Co., NC. He married Frances Child McKerrall who was born on 15 Jan 1771 and died on 8 May 1846.
          • Their son, Samuel Child Bruce, was born on 2 Aug 1802 at Hillsboro, NC and died on 5 May 1867 at Carthage, Moore Co., NC. He married Martha Kennedy who was born on 22 Oct 1792 and died on 3 Apr 1868 at Charlotte, NC.
            • Their son, Jerome D. Bruce, was born in 1835 in Carthage, Moore Co., NC and died on 28 Sep 1911 at Sanford, FL. He married Mary Frances Hunt Lane who was born in 1840 at Prosperity, Newberry Co., SC and died there in 1884.
              • Their son, Wallace Bruce, was born on 28 Jun 1863 at Prosperity, SC and died on 28 Dec 1945 at Atlanta, GA. He married Elizabeth Jane Boyd who was born on 3 May 1862 at Prosperity and died on 7 Jan 1940 at Atlanta, GA.
  • Test # 34019--
  • George Bruce was born in 1824 in Greensville, Greenville Co., SC and died in 1096 at Beech Springs, Spartenburg Co., SC. He married Narcissa Babb.
    • Their son, Tandy W. Bruce, was born on 22 Nov 1854 at Beech Springs, Spartanburg Co., SC and died on 7 Oct 1931. He married Lula Jane Fleming.
      • Their son, Fort Sumter Bruce, was born in 1887 at O'Neal, Greensville Co., SC and died on 15 Jul 1941 at Taylors, Greenville Co., SC. He married Annie Cothran.
        • Their son, Jessie E. Bruce was born in Aug 1910 and died in Feb 1937 in Greenville Co., SC. He married Helen M. Mahon.

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